Topic 1 – Large Group Interaction

Discontrol Party 2, interactive party dispositif
under the direction of Samuel Bianchini, 2011
La Gaité Lyrique, Paris, June 2011.

Interactive devices, whether they be portable, online, or part of an installation, are restricted for the most part to a one-to-one relation between the user and the interface. Recently, more and more installations have started to address this problem by creating interactive situations involving several spectators together. This issue is all the more relevant when dealing with very large audiences where there is no special target such as in urban spaces and in the public environment. This research group examines group interaction on a large scale (Large Group Interaction) asking questions such as: How does the individual fit into these group situations? How do you create a technological environment where the members of the group both interact effectively with the dispositif and with each others? These questions involve a number of areas: art, media, technology, and, more largely, the socio-political environment.

In this framework of research, the Reflective Interaction Program is part of the research project Cosima (Collaborative Situated Media), support by the French Research Agency (ANR), in patnership with Ircam (Institut de recherche et de composition acoustique / musique), Centre Pompidou, Paris ; Orbe, Paris ; École supérieure des Beaux-Arts Tours Angers Le Mans ; Nodesign, Paris.
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Discontrol Party 1, interactive party dispositif
under the direction of Samuel Bianchini, 2009
NeXt - International Arts Festival,
Espace Pier Paolo Pasolini - Théâtre international de Valenciennes,
France, November 20, 2009.
The Common Touch

The Common Touch

Céline Coutrix