Hsinli Wang

Hsinli Wang is an artist based in Paris, she acquired her superior fine arts diploma from École des Beaux-arts de Paris (ENSBA). Her artistic approach is bound to the perception and experience of the nature, emotions and feelings, constantly she travels with a nomadic way on the edge of reality and reverie. Her works are composed of varied elements, such as photos, videos and objects, mixed with visible and invisible relations. After the artist residency in Villa Arson de Nice, she joined the Diip (Dispositifs Interactifs et Performatifs) in 2011, the research program of EnsadLab (Laboratoire de l’École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris). Focusing on the organic materials which provoke physical phenomena, she intends to juxtapose these supplies of fragments, thus conceive interactive installations (“dispositif”) to represent the air of mystery within an artistic and sensorial perspective. Her work “Steam(La Buée)” achieves to a depth of field which appears less as figurative effects than as enigmatic traces. Moreover she regularly publishes articles in a Chinese art magazine in Taiwan to keep awareness of the european art stage to chinese public, and in a further term of her artistic position in between Europe and Taiwan, she would like to present a curatorial project dedicated to contemporary art between these two territories.

目前居住於巴黎做藝術創作的王馨梨,來自台灣台南,於法國國立巴黎高等藝術學院取得國家最高造型藝術文憑後,她獲選進入巴黎高等裝飾藝術學院的研究項目Diip(互動及表演裝置藝術)進行跨領域研究,以自然物質與其本質潛在的物理現象為主要的研究素材,透過各種非關科學的實驗形式與對材料的細節觀察,加上以感性語境與感知經驗去思考,她致力於互動藝術領域裡,以“物理媒體 (Physical Medias) ”發展出一種藝術之於人類及環境的新表現方式與關係。她留心於日常經驗並以保留其原始狀態,去並置組合由這些有機物質所產生的物理現象片段,進而建構出能呈現此詩化的氣象氛圍的互動裝置。作品"霧氣"是一件以水氣凝結現象去圖像化的神祕痕跡,注視這瞬逝的意象的視覺與知覺的意識活動,讓觀者能對應到自己的生活經驗中,能輕微地以不同的方式去感知去體驗日常的基本事物。此外,她定期地於台灣當代藝術的中文雜誌<典藏今藝術>撰文介紹法國當代的藝術展演活動,提供中文讀者與歐洲藝壇接軌的資訊。恃著在多重地緣空間中遊牧的姿態與尋找人類文化與自然之間更好的結合途徑,期許未來能提出一個更具體的策展對象來拓展歐洲與台灣兩地之間更富情思的藝術感知視界。