Close Your Eyes

An ongoing project by Tomek Jarolim

Close Your Eyes
First light tests using a StageBar 54 LED bank, operated by Jotac de Cyrille Henry

Close Your Eyes is an interactive light display for an individual spectator. It operates only when the eyes of the spectator are closed. It is not meant to be seen but to be felt. The light source, controlled by a generative program, is triggered whenever the spectator closes his eyes. This enables a more profoundly sensorial and personal perception on the part of the viewer. The light sequence changes every time the light is triggered again. The light becomes more intense the longer the spectator keeps his eyes shut.

The audience never knows in advance what it is going to see. The light captures the viewer’s attention, but once he is in the installation, it is only by closing his eyes that he can actually "see" what this digital Dreamachine presents to him.

The purpose of this display is to invite the spectator to cease being a mere viewer. In this situation he is no longer a beholder but is the generator of his own images, thoughts, etc. To address a viewer with closed eyes implies paying closer attention to his sensations. It implies a new approach to interactivity, which transcends the simple interaction with a machine.