Parallel Distorsion

Interactive Installation Project by Marie-julie Bourgeois, 2010

- Nicolas Montgermont (Computerization)
- Annie Leuridan (Lighting effects’s Adviser)
- IUT Cachan/La ménagerie technologique (mechatronic)
- Julien Bréval (Sound composition)

The installation Parallel Distorsion enables a distorsion of sound and light, based on geographical and temporal data, and recreating the sun’s course within a closed space. 
Using a giant trackball, the spectator goes forward and backward in time. The speed and dexterity of his touch creates the visual and sound environment of the installation. The temporal distortions are materialized through the recreation of the sun’s course throughout the space of the exhibition. Parallel light beams correspond to the sun’s position in the sky at a given moment relative to the geographical coordinates and the orientation in space of the room. As soon as he touches the interface, the spectator is transported outside of the temporal dimension and simultaneously exposed to the consequences of the visual perturbation of the solar cycle. The spectator is thus placed at the very center of a special effect based on a natural phenomenon, which he can either submit to or control.

This project is funded by an award from the Fondation Lagardère (Bourse création numérique Fondation Lagardère)
Developed in partnership with ENSAD Lab and with support from Le Fresnoy, studio national des arts contemporains