Charlotte Gautier

Charlotte Gautier is a visual artist and set designer living and working in Paris. She graduated from the Arts Décoratifs of Paris in 2014. She showed her work in several collective exhibitions and participated in artistic residences in France and abroad (Spain, Belgium, China). She integrated “ Reflective Interaction Group of EnsadLab in 2015, where she is placing the light at the center of her artistical work. Inspired by natural phenomena, she questions the connections and interactions between the viewers and the light reflections in the space. She creates immersive worlds and choregraphical partitions of light. Her work reveals sensitive or hidden dimensions for a simultaneous experience of motion, light and matter.

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Cosmographies d’une île
Installation, 2014
Metal, screen, light, glass, plexiglass.
Variable dimensions

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Solve et Coagula : Fréquences chromatiques
Performance of 4h
Ink, paper, water, plexiglass, text, morse code
400 x 40 cm
2015 - Casa de Velázquez, Madrid

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Les vestiges et les songes
Glass, concrete, electric system
30 x 30 x 40 cm
Glassmaker : Stéphane Rivoal