Julie Brugier

Currently pursueing a PhD, I initially studied product design at the Boulle School in Paris. During my studies, I carried out a project on vulnerable populations (prostitutes and migrants) and developped an interest for on-the-ground research. My practice was then oriented towards urban ecology, which has been up until now my main focus. I invested a lot into the JGJ Collective, where I designed objects supporting the frugal use of water in domestic landscapes.

More recently, I applied for a research position at the Cité du Design de Saint-Etienne. In that context, I got to work for a few months on the design of innovative services, around the new uses of water in Smartcities.

My PhD focuses on alternative practices and urban resilience. This study will take interest in the mechanisms of the emerging culture of urban ecology. The use of renewable energies in public spaces will also be questioned through physical productions (such as installations, objects, machines) as well as through theoretical reasoning.