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A Light Touch

Ongoing project by Marcos Serrano


A Light Touch [1] is a large-scale artistic installation where spectators can interact with their hand inside of an empty frame and control an horizontal light spot projected in a rear surface. Light spot behaviors are controlled by parameters issued of the analysis of the user’s hand movements.

The intention of this installation is to merge tangible (hand movement) and intangible (light). Here tangible is metaphorical as the installation name A light touch. Inspired by light artists such as Olafur Eliasson, light is used here at the same time as a medium revealing the environment and as a media itself. The light spot is an evolving, living and fragile entity. Its nature is heterogeneous, sometimes close to a moving blob, sometimes similar to a breathing surface. The aim is to engage this medium and its nature with the spectator’s hand movements, confronting their dissimilarities, which at the same time reveal new aspects of each other. This installation engages the spectator in an
intrigue, improvisation and play, the three aspects defined by Peterson [2] as being part of the pragmatic aesthetics of interaction.

- [1] Fdili Alaoui, S., Caramiaux, B., Serrano, M. From Dance to Touch : Movement Qualities for Interaction Design. In Adjunct Proceedings of CHI’11, ACM Press.
- [2] Petersen, M.G., Iversen, O.S., and Krogh, P.G. Aesthetic Interaction — A Pragmatist ’ s Aesthetics of Interactive Systems. In Proceedings of DIS’04, pages 269–276, New York, NY, USA, 2004.